I am offering high-quality service and very secure solutions for software and Internet.

IT-specialists from Israel, Switzerland and Germany are supporting my service. By using Open Source Software, data and web hosting in Switzerland, Private Cloud and encryption, your way to independence is made, furthermore: a stable working computer, prevention of being controlled by someone else, protection from hacker-invasion and eliminating tracing or monitoring of your communications are results of my offered service. Security and absolute confidentiality are highest priority. 
Salomon Freitag & Team

 Products and services:
Linux PC & Virtual Windows Linux-Windows-Security PC and Notebook
• using Linux & Windows simultaneously on one PC
Nextcloud – Open Source Software
– encrypted data sharing over Internet
Synchronize PCs, smartphones, calendars, contacts
Secure Communikation • End-to-end encrypted mail, chat, forum system,
• File Transfer, Telephony & Video Conference,
VPN Internet .VPN & encrypted connections, Perfect Privacy


consulting, strategic planning, project.managment
• encrypting data, email and computer, mobile office
• transfer Windows to Linux operating system

I recommend not using the following companies and their software:
WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Instagram, Snapchat
Perfect Privacy - We encrypt and anonymize your Internet