The companySoftware & Internet Service“ is an IT service provider based in Israel. I offer you a free an independet IT service, outside of EU control. We help our customers to limit possible external monitoring, and to exclude unauthorized access to your data, software and communications.

Company goals – our mission for your safety and independence means:

• a solid and safe communication basis
• usage of Open Source Software, no hidden backdoors
avoiding global surveillance and control
regaining our privacy through encryption
• protection from hackers and viruses through innovative IT-conceptions
Decentralization of data and communication
Replacement of all Microsoft products with open source solutions
Implement Edwards Snowden safety recommendations in your IT


Salomon Freitag, Software & Internet Service
POB 3508, Tiberias, 1413401, ISRAEL

phone: +972 (0)4–37 40 128, fax: +972 (0)4-85 91 569
: office@sfreitag.com

company account: in Switzerland, with IBAN number

Data protection and privacy:
Your data will not be shared with a third party. My highest priority is to protect your data and to ensure absolute confidentiality.

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