To the company owner Salomon Freitag
My way to freedomMy name is Salomon Freitag, I grew up in the former GDR. As a victim of the Stasi and enemies of the state, who have been banned from traveling for years, my family and I experienced state reprisals by the GDR regime up close. Freedom gained after reunification in 1990 allowed me to become self-employed. – In In 2004, I emigrated with my family to Israel „on God’s call“.

We are an IT service provider based in Israel and offer you a worldwide independent IT service, carried out remotely from Israel, outside the EU surveillance. My customers benefit from the technical possibilities to avoid this surveillance on communication, IT & data storage and to reduce dependence on large corporations. The hosting of my data as well as the communication in Switzerland is done according to Swiss law, which „still“ has the greatest independence.

Company goals – for your safety:

secure PC & communication platforms
Use open source software = no backdoors
avoiding global surveillance and control
Reclaiming the private by encryption
• protection from hackers & viruses through innovative IT-concepts

Decentralization IT – data – email – social networks

Implement Edward Snowden
safety recommendations

Replacement of Google, Amazon,
Dropbox, Facebook



Engineer Salomon Freitag
Software & Internet Service world-wide
adrdess: Tiberias, ISRAEL,
email: 1@sfreitag.com

Bank: Switzerland & Israel , language: German & English

Data protection and privacy:
Your data will not be shared with a third party. My highest priority is to protect your data and to ensure absolute confidentiality.
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