To the company owner Salomon Freitag
My name isSalomon Freitag, I grew up in the former GDR. As a victim of the Stasi and enemies of the state, who have been banned from traveling for years, my family and I experienced state reprisals by the GDR regime up close. Freedom gained after reunification in 1990 allowed me to become self-employed. – In 2004, I emigrated to Israel with my family.

We are an IT service provider based in Israel and offer you a worldwide independent IT service, carried out remotely from Israel, outside the EU paternalism. On the basis of my personal experiences, I am deeply indebted to the unattended EU mass surveillance. My customers benefit from the technical possibilities to avoid this spying on communication, IT & data storage and to reduce dependence on large corporations.

Company goals – for your safety:

secure PC & communication platforms
Use open source software = no backdoors
avoiding global surveillance and control
Reclaiming the private by encryption
• protection from hackers & viruses through innovative IT-concepts
Decentralization IT – data – email – social networks
Replacement of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox, Facebook
Implement Edward Snowden safety recommendations


Engineer Salomon Freitag
Software & Internet Service world-wide
Adresse: POB 3508, 1413401 Tiberias, ISRAEL,
fax: +972-4-85 91 569
email: office@sfreitag.com

Data protection and privacy:
Your data will not be shared with a third party. My highest priority is to protect your data and to ensure absolute confidentiality.

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