Linux PC & Virtual Windows

linux and virtuell windows security pc

A universal, highly secured computer
with Linux and Windows
for simultaneous work

• encryption data of hard disk
without passphrase Entry no system start!
Hacker and virus proofed!
• future-proof and easy to use!



Put windows in the chain!

You want to minimize your hassles with Windows,
do not be afraid of hackers, viruses, Trojans
and failed Windows updates?


Our proven solution since years:
We install Windows 10/8/7 / XP on a secure Linux machine in a virtual environment.

– Data exchange between Windows <-> Linux is simple
– XP & Win7 continue to run without security concerns
– If hackers, viruses & Trojans manage to infect Windows,
they can not get into the Linux area!

– Restore Windows in some mouse clicks
Put simply, Linux protects Windows.

Solution are based purely on software, PC or notebook needed, and installed through remote servicing.