Spammers and hackers are getting brazen and we as an internet company have now put a layered protective screen around us. From 11.4.2019 we separate the website from our email and now only send via ProtonMail in Switzerland. Our email senders are then … @ or the long version … @ or … @

Here are some advantages of ProtonMail:

  • PGP & end-to-end encryption
  • ProtonMail does not have access to user data + mails
  • optional expiration time for the encrypted emails
  • Swiss Privacy, Open Source Cryptography & Open Source
  • Extensive filter functions and tags
  • own smartphone app, Thunderbird & Outlook integration
  • PGP key import possible, Web-based access,
  • 2-fold mailbox protection with two different passwords
  • Send encrypted emails even if the recipient has no encryption
  • PM works with a well-known Israeli cyber defense team

You can continue to use our previous email addresses, they will be forwarded to ProtonMail. The easiest way would be to enter the new addresses. The exact address can be found in our customer newsletter dated 12.4.2019 or call us.

The distribution of addresses is:
… – Switzerland
… – Germany & World
… – Israel & Private

More information about ProtonMail can be found here.