Spammers and hackers are getting brazen. From 4/2019 we separate the website from our email and only send via ProtonMail / Switzerland. You can continue to use our previous email addresses, they will be forwarded to ProtonMail. The distribution of addresses is:
… – Germany & World

Here are some advantages of ProtonMail:

  • PGP & end-to-end encryption
  • ProtonMail does not have access to user data + mails
  • optional expiration time for the encrypted emails
  • Swiss Privacy, Open Source Cryptography & Open Source
  • Extensive filter functions and tags
  • own smartphone app, Thunderbird & Outlook integration
  • PGP key import possible, Web-based access,
  • 2-fold mailbox protection with two different passwords
  • Send encrypted emails even if the recipient has no encryption
  • PM works with a well-known Israeli cyber defense team

More information about ProtonMail can be found here.