Secure Communication

We use ourselves, recommend & Install the following software.
The functions are encrypted.

At Telegram it is important to activate „two factor authentication“.

Signal Threema Telegram
Basic function messenger messenger messenger
costs no one time 3 CHF/EUR no
meta data no marginal ?
DSGVO privacy yes yes yes
Linux/Win/Mac yes yes yes
mobile phone yes yes yes
send data file <100MB <50MB to 1,5 GB!
chat/group – yes/yes yes/yes yes/yes
yes yes Expiry Date
phone/-conference yes/yes till 8 yes/no yes/Voice-Chats
video/-conference yes/nein no/no yes/no
email function no no no
server/Location AWS CH world wide
needed to create Cell-phone number nothing Cell-phone number
OpenSource yes partly partly
advantage secure by
clear Extensive Functions
disadvantage only 10 Mill.User only partially OpenSource no
Peculiarity recommended
Edward Snowden
erasure resistant,
Channels, groups till 200.000 users !
company website