Secure Communication

You want to encrypt end-to-end: phoning, video conferencing, emailing, chatting, file transfer, and using your own forums? With open source, without backdoors and absolutely secure?
We recommend the combined use of RetroShare + Wire.

Operating-System Linux, Windows, Mac Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac
Operating cost nohing Private for free
Business from 4 EUR/month
Server none, PC to PC directly „Wire“ Server
is subject to the law no law from Switzerland law
Storage space data encrypted,
only your own PC
Server Switzerland + EU
Operating functions Mail, chat, forums, data transfer Telephon, videoconferenzing,
chat, file transfer
File transfer no limit up to 100 MB
Data formats supports all file types supports all file types
Special – totally independent operation
– highest safety
– Wire does not sell user data
– registration only email address is enough

Where can I get RetroShare or Wire the fastest? Who installs this and trains me?
Call us! We install this by remote maintenance and test it with our account.