Secure PC

linux and virtuell windows security pc

A universal, highly secured computer with Linux and Windows for simultaneous work

• separation from Windows to Linux, Linux protects Windows!
Hacker and virus proofed!
future-proof and easy to use!
uncomplicated data exchange between Linux and Windows
encryption data of hard disk

Solution are based purely on software, PC or notebook needed, and installed through remote servicing.

Optional: Continuing to use Windows XP

windows xp use everless - over data bridge

…without safety holes – even if manufacturer support is ending
My solution:

XP runs by a virtual device without Internet connection.

• no security holes, because of the separation
• no more Windows Update!
• No anti virus needed anymore!

1. You are using Ubuntu in your day to day office work (e-mail, Internet, grafic, media, video) with all the safety features of Linux. Windows XP runs simultaneously with its programs in the Windows Box.
2. The Windows Box is not connected to the Internet and runs separated, Windows Updates, firewall / virus protection can be omitted!
3. Data transfer is done through a guided and controlled „data-bridge“ between Windows and Linux. You can open or close this „data-bridge“ at any time.
4. A two screen operation is possible with this solution on notebooks immediately. One screen shows Ubuntu Linux, the other Windows XP. A one-screen mode is also normal possible.
5. The complete Windows can be secured fast in the virtual box.
6. You can continue using your „old Windows XP“ for years to come.