I offer support service for Ubuntu Linux and Windows.

Service is given by telephone support and remote servicing access through teamviewer software, which can be downloaded for free on my website.

my service contains:

general help and support with all over questions about PC, hardware, software and Internet, support of transfer from Windows OS to Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint, encrypting of your EDP, data and emails, new service installations of operating systems, recovering data, eliminating of viruses, care and server-support, desktop virtualization, installation of a Linux-Windows-Security PC, making your private cloud


Language.support1. Telephone service is available in English and German language.
2. Installed software programs and operating system is applied in English.
3. Ubuntu Linux Language
Word processor, spread sheet and Email can be switched into the following languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Belarusian, Georgian, Spanish, French, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Dutsch, German

4. data files and path language
English, Hebrew and German is tested. Other languages possible, not tested though. It is recommended not to use special character signs in file and path names, but „“ and „_“ is usable.

cost-free Download Remote-Access-Software:
Teamviewer-Windows Teamviewer-LinuX-QS10 AnyDesk-Windows AnyDesk-Linux

service replacment in case of unavailability: email: service (at)