VPN Internet

Perfect Privacy Rueckverfolgungsfreies Websurfen

For the security conscious user, it is advisable to surf tracing free and encrypted.

Your identity on the Internet and your IP address is hidden. Authorities, Internet service providers or hackers can your surfing neither identify nor read along.

With a VPN connection of Perfect Privacy you surf optionally through a secure server in 23 different countries worldwide. It may at any time be elected to another country.

With Perfect Privacy you bypass elegantly the countries dependent blocking of websites, streaming video or Youtube movies. P2P downloads and torrents are allowed in the terms of service of Perfect Privacy and will not be blocked. The secure video and music sharing is nothing in the way.

The VPN connection protection also extends to use of public hotspots, WLAN in hotels, railway stations, airports, Internet banking, and against data and identity theft.

Unlike other VPN providers Perfect Privacy is working 100% anonymous, no log files, no traffic limit and up to 1000 Mbit bandwidth. As an individual you can use your account for several of your devices, including smartphones and tablets, no extra charge. More information or order Perfect Privacy here.

Attention! For tracing-free surfing in the Internet, the function WebRTC must be switched off in the Internet browser! Here is the link to the check https://diafygi.github.io/webrtc-ips/ .

In the field of Secure Internet, I deliver to you also: Web and email hosting in Switzerland.

Edwards Snowden warnings: Does not use Microsoft, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook und and avoid Google.