Why Linux

linux ist better as windows Does Windows operating system annoy you more than often?

Instead of shutting down the system it shows updates to be done?

Instead of starting programs you receive messages like „Please confirm…“ before?

Do you often get the feeling of loosing control over your computer?

Updates are installed, but you don’t know which exactly and for what?

We have an answer for you – get introduced to Linux operating system!


ubuntu linux logo Ubuntu Linux operating system are the alternative!

License-free, independent, without constant annoying updates, easy to use and without needed antivirus software!

Many known programs such as Mozilla Firefox Browser, Thunderbird Email, OpenOffice, Libre Office, (that have to be installed afterwards one by one in Windows Operating System), are already installed with Ubuntu Linux operating system!

Training period for Ubuntu Linux operating system compared to Windows operating system is easier, quicker and your computer system is protected from viruses and hackers by Linux software architecture. No hidden loopholes here!

Another important argument for a Linux Operating System: It can not be controlled by large corporations, Microsoft, secret services or the governments.